The Rise of Life Coaching: Is It Becoming the New Normal?

We often think of older executives hiring coaches, but a recent article in The Guardian reveals that Generation Z is becoming the best generation at both hiring and becoming coaches. If you're interested in market research and interesting statistics from the life coaching industry, you'll be pleased to know that IBISworld has been reporting annually on the coaching industry for about a decade. Working with the right professional can increase sales, employee engagement, and workplace satisfaction. Coaching is an attractive industry for those who want to help others and have a deep interest in personal growth. A good coach will push you to the limit and help you grow and get what you really want out of life.

When you're in a situation like that, coaches can help you make significant changes in your life and get the life and results you've always wanted. Unfortunately, the coaching industry isn't as regulated as other helping professions, so many people call themselves coaches, but they have no idea what training is and some have never been trained by an accredited coach. Instead, your coach will help you identify your options and find the best options based on the goals you want to achieve. In addition to revenue from client sessions, many coaches earn money by publishing e-books or online courses, giving talks, running group sessions, and other product-based sales and networking opportunities. If you're faced with a detractor on your journey to greatness as a coach, simply pull out any of these incredible figures and sit there with a smug smile.

According to a report published by the International Federation of Coaching (ICF), there are approximately 71,000 life coaches based in 161 countries around the world. In other words, no one can stop you from getting on the carriage car and creating a life for yourself. Since many coaches focus on life's big transitions, their demand has naturally increased over the past decade. Technology has provided opportunities for coaches around the world by facilitating marketing, low-cost online advertising, and the ability to create an excellent online presence.

Pete Johanns
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