Are Life Coaches Successful? A Comprehensive Guide

The most important thing for life coaches to understand is that training is not a business, it is a skill that needs to be used in combination with other skills. Becoming a successful life coach is a journey of hardships and victories. It requires dedication and commitment to reach the desired outcome, which is to become who you are meant to be and share your true gift with those you are destined to serve. Life coaches and successful coaches have similar goals, but they use different methods and means during the training process.

According to the Indeed Employment Guide, life coaches help people achieve their goals, while successful coaches focus on tangible skills. It is much easier to market tangible skills than training, so if you want to become a life coach, don't give up on them entirely. Instead, focus on hiring coaches and observe how they work. This will help you decide if it is really for you and benefit from established connections.

So why hire a life coach instead of a therapist? Life coaches can do things that therapists cannot do. Studies conducted by the International Federation of Coaching showed that 99% of people interviewed considered their experience working with a life coach to be rewarding, while 96% said they would do it again. Life coaching is not just about giving advice; it is also about providing guidance and support. If you want coaching to work like a business, you must bring all your other knowledge, experience and skills, and use them to boost your business.

Sara Oliveri, voted best life coach by the Washington City Paper, says one important thing to keep in mind about life coaches is that they don't dwell on the past. They focus on the present and help people move forward in their lives. If you're a coach struggling to get clients, check out my Uncage Your Business program. It will help you be clear about your niche, message, packages and online content that will help you get noticed in the coaching industry and get clients sooner.

Pete Johanns
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