Is Coaching a Booming Industry?

Coaching in the workplace is no longer a novel concept. With the ever-growing demands of employees and the intense competition to acquire and retain talent, this trend is rapidly gaining momentum. Magdalena Nowicka Mook is the executive director of the International Federation of Coaching (ICF). According to a survey, 26% of respondents from suburban areas and 16% of respondents from rural areas were aware of coaching. It is becoming increasingly evident that a coach is distinct from an advisor or mentor, and essentially serves as a resource to aid in the process of self-discovery.

A few years ago, people were mainly looking to switch careers and become coaches, but now many are attending formal coaching training not to change professions, but to add meta-skills to their current profession (for example, incorporating technology and getting AI-based training, a “comprehensive evaluation”) and a variety of digital health programs. The majority of respondents who participated in a coaching relationship said that their coach had a certification or credential from a membership organization. Coaches and potential clients usually seek certifications from the ICF, IPEC, Sherpa Coaching, the Health Coach Institute and other accredited training institutions. Here are five areas that coaches can capitalize on to succeed and advance their careers in the coaching industry. Coaching first emerged around 20 years ago, gained immense popularity over the past decade, and is now something most organizations pursue, particularly for their top talent.

Additionally, there are approximately 4,500 trained coaches in India and several Indian and international training courses. The biggest challenge facing coaches today is that incompetent and untrained coaches are tarnishing the reputation of the industry. Through a new offering called Coaching Circles, Chevron leaders can meet in small global groups to learn through discussions facilitated by experts. As more qualified and trained coaches become available, there will be greater accountability within the coaching profession. While 37% of employees in general were familiar with coaching and 15% had a coaching relationship, millennials had a much higher impact, with 81% knowledge of coaching and 47% engagement with it. As people seek help to overcome personal challenges or gain clarity about their next steps, the services of a life or career coach will be highly sought after.

Pete Johanns
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