How many clients does the average life coach have?

Full-time coaches had an average of 21.8 clients, who normally stayed with them for 6 to 12 months (43.4%). Part-time coaches had an average of 5.5 clients, who normally stayed with them for 3 to 6 months (41.6%). These are the same concerns I had as a new coach. Part of the problem here is perspective.

The standard behind that approach is pricing in dollars per hour. That way of thinking won't help you win well as a coach. The success of a relationship between the life coach and the client only occurs when the life training client (Coachee) achieves their training goals and knows it. Only the customer can declare success.

Unfortunately, too many life coaches don't worry about whether their clients achieve their goals. Experts estimate that the general life coaching industry has a success rate in life coach-client relationships of only 20% to 30%. The more you know about the life coaching industry, the more you can make the best decision about hiring a life coach and get the most benefits from being coached. On the Prosperous Coach Podcast, Rhonda offers direct talks and practical steps to launch your coaching business with confidence.

On the Prosperous Coach Podcast, Rhonda provides a clear talk and practical steps to launch your coaching business with confidence. Most coaching associations also sell “training certifications”. Recent research has shown that there are more than 60 different training certification labels, with many unknown and varied qualifications, and that it becomes difficult to verify if a person has actually been certified. If you've been digging into the gold of the first few episodes, you know that what I advocate for coaches after much trial and error and version of my own business is that you create a long-term PRIVATE signature program that comes at a high price.

Let's take a look at some statistics related to the impact of the pandemic on the global life coaching industry. The business part of coaching is another beast (actually, the business part of ANYTHING), but there are plenty of great resources and help for when you're ready to start your business. But after several years of trying group coaching, I discovered that the business model requires many more hours of work, technology, higher expenses and more energy to serve 12 to 30 or more people at once. The Life Coaching industry has no industry-wide standards, training criteria, or qualifications.

Don't let the high prices charged by life coaches make you believe they provide better training. People achieve very valuable goals to improve their lives and careers through the process of life coaching when they are done well and that are rarely achieved in others. He has been an international business strategist for 20 years and has been publishing award-winning blogs for coaches on the microphone for 8 years. However, Thomas Leonard, who founded three of the first and largest training schools, always stated that the best way to become a great life coach is to simply train.

The truth is that you have to learn paid advertising if you want to have a BIG impact and I often see that coaches hire other “high-level coaches” to help them get 6 figures in 6 months and simple things like a retargeting pixel on Facebook won't appear on their sales page.

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