How do life coaches get customers?

Your current network is perhaps the best way to quickly get your first coaching clients. It's very likely that you know people in the exact niche that you want to help. If you don't know people from the niche, your friends, family, or colleagues will definitely know. There's no right way to do it.

Some life coaches have virtually no online presence, but instead build their business through local connections and word-of-mouth referrals. Some create massive followers on Instagram. There is a path that is right for everyone and no two coaches look the same. If you want your Life Coaching clients to contact you for the first time, make it easy for them.

Provide free access to high-value content or a free first session, so you can seamlessly incorporate them. Even if they don't decide to use your services, you'll get their contact information and keep them inside the funnel. Acquiring three long-term clients allowed me to quit my job, start training full time and then exceed six figures in income. If it weren't for the persistence and pressure of one of them, you might never have made coaching public as a service.

Use your professional connections to let the world know about your existence and to get more coaching clients. If you're wondering how to create a sustainable client base for your life coaching business, know that you're not alone. Gathering and training clients isn't easy, but this post will reveal some great tricks that can help you. Rather than simply giving you my opinion, I decided to get in touch with some of the most successful coaches I know and find out exactly how they started.

At the end of each post, you mention that you're starting a new training program and you need people to try it at a reduced price. On the other hand, if you don't know how to get clients from Life Coaching, none of this will ever happen. Most people answered “no” and enough answered “yes” to the talks that turned into full exploratory sessions, which became my first 7 clients (with low salaries), giving me the faith needed to take the leap from my daily work, even before I became fully certified as a coach. We also write about some similar topics, such as life coaching admission forms, types of life coaching, coaching versus consulting, personality coaching, the best training questions, transformational life coaching, the life coach mission statement, and the niches of life coaching.

Creating an email list on a platform that you can control is still a smart business move for many life coaches. And you never know when a coach you met in an online group might invite you to be a guest on their podcast or become the perfect co-facilitator for a group program you want to launch.