How Much Does an Average Life Coaching Session Cost?

The cost of life coaching can vary greatly depending on the coach's experience and reputation. Clients may seek out a coach for a period of time to explore life transitions, relationships, professional or personal growth, or lifestyle changes. Some coaches offer relationship coaching at their standard life coaching rate, while others may have higher or lower session fees for working on relationship issues. A life coach can help you improve your life, but it is ultimately up to you to take responsibility for the changes you want to make.

The cost of a life coaching session depends on the length of the coach's involvement, the number of training sessions you have, and the coach's hourly rate. It is important to choose a qualified professional: although life coaches do not need formal qualifications to practice, it is best to select someone who has experience and training. It is also beneficial to have training sessions over an extended period so that you can make these new skills regular and long-lasting. Additionally, many of my life coaching clients want to learn how to create healthier boundaries, say no, and take better care of themselves.

For this reason, you can find beginning coaches who will charge little or no money during their certification period, and other more experienced coaches who will charge hundreds of dollars per hour. A successful coach is one who is always willing to learn and expand their skills through continuing education. At first, he leaned on his coach for support and encouragement during the emotional turmoil of the separation. Online personal coaching sessions are ideal for people with busy schedules, accessibility issues, or those who cannot afford transportation costs.

Combining these pre-recorded sessions with a Facebook support group or bi-monthly group coaching calls ensures that your clients feel valued and that they are not just a number. From there, create a list of people who would be interested in a pre-recorded course and group coaching calls. I offer a free one-hour discovery for those who are curious about training and want to be clear about their next steps. This way, your clients can benefit from the knowledge of the rest of the group and, as a coach, you can achieve more and earn more without exhausting yourself.

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