Can Life Coaching Be Covered by Insurance?

Life coaching services are not typically covered by insurance. In the United States, this is almost never possible. Coaching assumes that you are fundamentally healthy and that you simply want to make positive changes in your life. As such, it is not considered a medical service and is not eligible for insurance coverage.

However, there are still some reasons why life coaches may need insurance. This includes protecting property, covering the costs of any accidents that occur at the site of sessions, and keeping clients' sensitive data safe. Professional liability insurance can help protect against risks like these. In rare cases, health insurance may be accepted for programs to stop smoking or lose weight, as long as such training is prescribed and supervised by a doctor.

Life coaching is a highly deregulated industry, with no legal requirements to start a practice. This means that anyone can become a life coach without any formal qualifications or licensing. As such, life coaches may be at risk of being sued for causing harm with their advice, violating the confidentiality clause of their agreement, or even for sexual harassment (especially in close contact situations). Therapists who have experience in both therapy and training can provide effective therapy using a training approach.

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