Is Coaching a Viable Career Choice?

Becoming a life coach is the opportunity to make a positive difference in the world, one person at a time. It's an honor and a privilege to be part of someone's journey, and you'll be glad you came for the ride. Many believe that they have to leave their daily jobs to fully immerse themselves in training in order to turn it into a profession, but this is not the case. Coaching is something that one can pursue in parallel, and nobody develops a full practice overnight.

What makes it the perfect transition career to pursue is that you can help people achieve their goals, which is very satisfying. You'll help people make amazing progress in their lives, and your work can have a lasting impact. You'll continuously learn and grow as you work with clients and you'll be able to build a career based on freedom. Training strategies can also be used to help your ideal client manage stress and improve collaboration. Another opportunity that provides a window into who you are and how you work is through your life advising on the success of your clients.

You're becoming an entrepreneur, and the gap in knowing how to attract potential clients and grow your own coaching business is often so great that wonderful and highly qualified life coaches decide to train people part-time, in parallel, or even free of charge, because they lack critical ingredients in their business training to build a successful coaching business. Today, many workers yearn for work-life balance and career fulfillment, and being a coach can provide both. We train and certify adventurous coaches, making sure you have everything you need to build a business that you love and transform lives, on your own terms. This is why many people think about becoming coaches for months, and sometimes even years, before taking the leap to become one. But most people who want to be life coaches discover what kind of coach they want to be during the process of taking courses and discovering their gifts. One of the most encouraging points to consider when considering whether life coaching is a viable career option is that it is in demand even in “down time”.

If you realize that you are a deep listener, an empathic with others, and you have a deep level of curiosity about the people around you, coaching would be a great option for you. You'll want to get an idea of what your annual salary might be, whether you start your own business, connect with your ideal clients face-to-face or in a digital environment, or if a hiring company encourages you to lend your coaching skills to an organization as a full-time in-house coach. Keep reading to discover what makes life coaching a viable career option, even when you're new, and becoming a life coach would be like an entry-level job for a new career path. There are a lot of misconceptions about what a life coach does, one of the first being that a life coach tells his client what to do. When considering whether life coaching is a viable career option, you'll want to know that your new career choice is stable and will generate a steady stream of potential clients.

Pete Johanns
Pete Johanns

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